Just as Ash Creek defines this landscape, the landscape defines the people who are drawn to it.

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The legacy of this land is rooted as deep as the sycamores that shade Ash Creek. It all begins with the water, a surprising ribbon of foam and blue that tumbles along the floor of the desert. Although slim and even shallow in places, the creek is huge in life-giving properties. Because of its presence twelve months a year, a tangle of scrub oak, cottonwood and sycamores thrive along its banks. 

Throughout the centuries these individuals have welcomed adventure when others might have feared challenge. They have shared in the richness of the land yet taken only what they needed so that others may experience the joy of its diversity. Above all, they were good stewards of the land, which is why, at Ash Creek Canyon, we can look around and see back in time.

Only a very few homes can be built at the Preserve and all must be designed to function off the grid. Like the people who live in them, these homes are self-sufficient. In this community of new pioneers, water comes from wells drilled on individual properties and kilowatts are delivered by the sun and wind.



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Weekend Retreat

Build the retirement cabin of your dreams.

Off the Grid

Stay independent and safe from disaster.

Historical Value

Value A piece of history you’ll be proud to own.


By protecting the land, air and water today, the promise is that the Preserve at Ash Creek Canyon will remain as it has always been – both welcoming and wild.  You can amble along the creek bed or explore a narrow trail hidden in the crevice of a cliff. You can park yourself in an easy chair on a front porch and devour a book or stack of magazines you’ve always meant to read. Or you can simply enjoy a morning’s show as the sun rises higher against the vast blue, blue canopy of the sky. 

Spend time here and you will understand that, at the Preserve at Ash Creek Canyon, what you mostly hear is silence. That quiet can be punctuated by conversations of birds or the whoosh of a hawk as it soars overhead, or rustle of leaves and grasses that signify the comings and goings of various high desert creatures. What you do not hear is the buzz of electric power lines or the roar and squeal of traffic or the shouts of people trying to be overheard in a crowd. For more information about

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